Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why not today Tuesday? ...I love my Husband

I start lists. I write blogs in my head. Only a few ever make it to the screen. I think that for something to be effective, it should be a grandiose, start-to-finish, loooong list. This means my faithful readers only see a tiny portion of the goings-on in my head. Only a smattering of my grand ideas are seen to completion.

I want to embrace the idea: "Why not today?" Why do things have to be perfect and complete to be shared? This is a blog after all - not my term paper.

A friend of mine is starting a "Why I love my Husband" series on her blog, in the effort to counteract the culture by building up - not tearing down. As one in need of practice building up, and rehearsing the good, I'm jumping in.

There are many things I love about Dan. For today, I will share a story about why I really love him.

This morning, we were completing our daily readings and Advent prayers/reflections. Today's scripture readings are from Isaiah and Matthew, and both focus on the Shepherd and his sheep. At the closing of the gospel, Dan said, "Today's readings are brought to us by the American Lamb Council, reminding us to 'eat American lamb from American land.'"


That man makes me smile...and we fit so well together.