Friday, March 13, 2015

#First-time Friday

I remember it well, the first time that I was called "fat." I was in first grade at my friend's birthday party. [which, I just realized was 28 years ago today] I was a first-grader with a bunch of second graders celebrating one of my lifelong friends...and then, this girl [Sarah Riedel] said to me, "You're fat, you know."

I wanted to say to her, "Yeah - and SO ARE YOU." [which she was] ...and then, it began.

But this post isn't about bullying, name-calling, body image dilemmas. This post is about over-coming.

Yesterday, someone - who doesn't know my weight loss journey - called me skinny. As in, "You're skinny - you can totally eat the rest of that cheesecake!" The first time...someone has ever looked at my body and said, "You're skinny."

This person is my student and has only known me for the past 8 weeks...and she doesn't see fat Jessica - she doesn't even know that Jessica. She sees a skinny Jessica. She sees someone who can - and should - totally eat that piece of cheesecake without thinking twice.

What's with the cheesecake?

Yesterday, one of my preceptors decided to bake cheesecake to celebrate my other two preceptors' birthdays. A white chocolate orange cheesecake with dark chocolate drizzle. It tasted as heavenly as it sounds. I ate part of it before class. Three hours after class, I was trying to decide if I should go buy a coffee to finish off the rest of it...standing on the steps of our building, pondering, when my students asked what I was doing.

I totally ate that cheesecake, by the way. Healthy habits are all about owning our choices! :)

For my other #first-time Friday...

Today, I ran four miles. FOUR. MILES. FOUR MILES. ...and honestly, for most of it, it felt pretty fantastic. My cousins and I are training for a 10k (#crazy) in May. When the opportunity arose, I knew I needed to jump on it. I have been looking for a new exercise goal, and wasn't really sure what I wanted to commit to. I will run...but I don't really like running. I will tell you what, though, I really like doing this with my cousins. It's our own thing; I love being connected to them and commiserating and celebrating. The four miles - that's just icing on the cake for me! 

Did I mention I woke up at 5am to get this run in? Here's part of the sunrise over the mountains.