Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Quick-E's

Before I begin - remember the Quick-E's that used to appear in the Iowa State Daily "back in the day"? They were so much cooler than last year's "Just Sayin'..."

1)  I LOVE my job. LOOOVE it. What makes it really the perfect job is that I get to advise AND teach. On the days that I am not loving one part, I've got the other to bolster my spirits.
--New hire at the Norton School in the honeymoon phase of life

2)  How hard is it to navigate your university's webpage to find resources - like "where the Math Department is located"?
--Advisor asked mundane questions once too often during appointments

3)  Who else LOVES the fact that Tucson's reaching overnight lows around 50? ...and the high yesterday was 75 and today is 80? "Fall? Is that you? My long-lost friend?"
--Displaced Midwesterner in the 'Great Desert University'

4)  When your friend gives you advice to finish your 'almost-thesis' BEFORE starting your new job, you should listen to her.
--Graduate student one chapter away from finishing her almost-thesis

5)  Who marries a livestock judging coach? Honestly. Crazy people, that's who. No newlywed likes being away from her husband over three weeks in a six week period.  However - the time that is spent together is very cherished.

6)  Every weekend is "yard sale weekend" in Tucson. Don't expect to sell everyday items. The people that will come will buy 'strange' items like old appliances - and knives. Or your neighbors that apparently don't have bed sheets or cooking utensils.
--Yard-saler & Tucson new-comer

7)  If you carve a pumpkin (or two), don't leave them sitting in your house for a couple days. Strange mold starts growing.
--Lazy Jackie O'Lantern carver

8)  Selling TVs at a yard sale doesn't work well unless you are prepared to receive half of what you thought was a fair price.
--"Life isn't fair, why should yard-saling be?" Money-Lover

9)  Do you think you could make pumpkin gingersnaps without ginger and molasses?
--"Creative" baker

10)  Why get your PhD when you'll just be asked to do more stuff?
--Man who already spends 50-60 hours doing his job

11) I mean, RESEARCH - not even the fun stuff that I already get to do...
--Man who spends 50-60 hours doing his job that includes 'fun' stuff like spending weeks away from his wife with students that kind-of exasperate him

There, ladies and gentlemen is a quick take on our life brought to you by the Quick-E's of an Iowa State undergrad from that late 90's.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

I've missed the posts! Thanks for sharing. I hope all is well. One of these days, we'll need to Skype! :)