Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bear Down Arizona

On November 5, the University of Arizona celebrated Homecoming. Let me tell you what, they do Homecoming well! On campus there is a "mall" (not the shopping kind) - but like a mile-long grass oval.

During home football games, this is where people tailgate - right in the heart of campus. During Homecoming, departments and colleges set up tents all along the mall and people visit different tents. It's like VEISHEA met the State Fair (for all you Iowa Staters out there) - in really, really beautiful weather.

How beautiful was the weather? It was mid 60s and sunny. AH-mazing for AH-rizona (in my opinion). We even came across tickets to the game. Horrible game - but a fun time with friends in "real" football weather. It was even cold enough to warrant hot cocoa at half-time!

This is where I work. Seriously. Second floor people.

See? Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences. I told you. I wasn't joking.

We may not have fall, but the midwestern universities don't have palm-tree lined avenues leading to their Office of Admissions.

One of the "Southwestern-style" buildings

Old Main - the first and oldest building on campus, now home to the Office of Admissions

The University of Arizona's marching band playing "Bear Down, Arizona" the fight song

That giant paw & awesome Wildcat headband - FREE - at various booths during Homecoming! (and those cute models are our friends' kids)

Nothing says Homecoming like a BUS-TACHE!

One of Dan's judging team members busting out the 'pretzle' as part of the Rodeo Club's "float"

Campus cacti

Our Retailing & Consumer Science club (TREND) put on a UA Fashion Show. This is the "hipster" look.

Pretty sweet view - those are the Catalinas in the background!

Decked out in our red & blue

Go Wildcats! (2 of the cheerleaders are my students, too!)

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Woot! A little tour of campus. Love it! Palm trees or potential snow? I think I'll take the snow! :)