Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest comes to life

So, I am finally getting into Pinterest. AND I'm actually making some of the things that I've pinned.
Here's a sampling of what's been going down in my kitchen...and what I've been subjecting Dan to. Here's a little hit: it rhymes with teen-law. You guessed it: quinoa! :)

Superfoods Salad - courtesy of IowaGirlEats. I first made this delicious salad on MLK Day and again this past weekend. The superfoods featured included quinoa, pomegranate, avocado, oranges, black beans, corn, cilantro and shrimp AND a lemon vinaigrette. (If this is spelled wrong, please forgive me. My spelling skills have flown out the window.)
This salad is DELICIOUS. I love it. Dan's response: "This is really...tart. Don't you think this is tart? It's good..." he says as he eats half as much as I do.

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Breakfast Quinoa - This was also delicious and very reminiscent of oatmeal. It includes apricots, almonds, maple syrup, and topped with ricotta.
If you know me, you know that I never have everything needed on hand. In this case, I had no pure maple syrup. I swapped agave, a dash of vanilla, and a dash of rum flavoring. Worked well. :) When I've reheated the quinoa this week, I've added a dash of almond milk. So good.
Dan's reaction: "This tastes like oatmeal." (in a good way)
My response after practically licking the bowl clean: "It's really good!" Dan: "Yeah, yeah it is."

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Sesame Chicken - This was good. I would add some corn starch to the marinade. It was really thin. Don't get me wrong it tasted good - but could be improved. Dan agreed.

"Mac" and Cheese - This is another recipe courtesy of iowagirleats.com. AND another recipe that includes quinoa. This was really good. We used asiago and cheddar cheeses in the recipe. Honestly, this would be delicious with corn added in - as a healthier remake of corn casserole, my favorite food in junior high. :)

AND if you thought this was getting a little too healthy up in here...

Jalapeno Poppers! This recipe is courtesy of kitchentutor.wordpress.com.

What about the Super Bowl, Jessica?

Glad you asked! It may be some more of these jalapeno poppers, or little cheddar smokies in a blanket, or a version of Old Chicago's pepperonie rolls. Leanin' toward those pepperoni rolls right now.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Holy Quinoa! :)

So, what does it taste like? Rice? Pasta? Potatoes? Something completely different?

And way to go on all the new recipes. Go Pinterest! :)