Friday, August 24, 2012

"Friday" Fail

Well, I had a major 'FAIL' this week.

(Honestly, I've had more than one major 'fail' this week - this one is just a funny fail; the others are 'Jessica is a sinner and fails to be good, kind, loving and gracious' fails - which, let's be honest, I don't want to post about right now. I'd rather be funny.)

This week kicked off the first week of school at the University of Arizona.  This also kicked off the first week of Dan's crazy schedule. He teaches on TR (that's Tuesday/Thursday to you non-academics) until 7; has livestock judging practice on W from 6:30-9 and F from 4 - 8/9 and Saturday morning/early afternoon.

In my effort to be a great, supportive wife, I did some meal planning that revolved around me making this on Tuesday night: Pinned Image

Anyone else love how giant this picture is? That's about how much I built it up in my head, effort & success at being such an awesome wife. (Remember that loving, kind, gracious area I'm failing at - yeah, that MIGHT be more important than fall-off-the-bone rotisserie chicken.)


On Tuesday nights, we made plans for Buffalo Wild Wings - so my meal plan got delayed a day. (This is not the fail part, BTW. Agreeing to go to BWW's is a major win.)

Wednesday morning came around and I got the bird ready, complete with removing the gizzards and what not from the middle. Gee-ross. I used this recipe as a guide: Again, let's be honest, I just put Emeril's Original blend on because it basically contained all the ingredients she used.

Before Dan's practice on Wednesday night, he came home to have dinner. On the drive home, he asked what we were having - and I described to him. He was well pleased.

We walked in the door...and were not greeted by the smell of delicious chicken. We were greeted with no smell at all. I looked at the chicken and said to Dan, "This doesn't look done at all!" (It should have; it had been cooking for 8 hours.) He says, "Well, it's [the crock pot] not on."

I looked at the knob - it was on the off position. I looked back at Dan, incredulously. I knew that I turned that to 'Low' this morning before I left; I could see me performing that step in my mind. Maybe he had just turned it off when we walked in. He must've known what I was thinking, and said, "I haven't touched it."

I felt the crock pot. Stone cold.

No fancy-schmancy rotisserie-style chicken for us that night.  

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