Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kick-off to Pork Month

Dear Friends,

I am writing early on a Sunday morning for one purpose: to share with you an AMAZING, healthy recipe - perfect for fall and pork month (October). I made this soup last night and Dan could not stop raving about it!

The recipe? Bacon-Cheddar-(Almost Potato) Soup. The 'almost potato' ingredient? Cauliflower! Dan really liked the texture and thickness that the cauliflower provided. His exact words: "I like that it's thicker and not soup-like (a thin consistency)."

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The recipe and photo are courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.

If you know me at all, you know that I just *have* to substitute ingredients. In this case, I used evaporated 2% milk; worked like a charm. For the cheddar, I used Trader Joe's "Extraordinary Cheddar" (or something like that); it's sharp AND creamy...and made some delicious soup. For the hot sauce addition, I used Srichacha sauce - because that's what we have on hand - and it's a great addition of heat. Dan calls it "Chi-chi" sauce; I love that guy.

Make it! Enjoy!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

I have seen the recipe before....but have yet to make it. Did you crockpot it? I'm hoping that part will work.
Hope all well in the southwest!