Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Hello, my name is Gert.

My brother is Ranger Gord, whom some of you may know from Red Green fame. I desired to follow in steps, but alas, Canada would not allow a female to serve in part of the famed Mounties. Therefore, they gave me the privilege as serving as the lone ranger at their southern-most post, La Canada.

The locals pronounce it, La Cahn-yah-da. While I have yet to convince them of the proper pronunciation, I have adapted some of their flare to my uniform. BTW, this is how I pose when I go out at night, here.

Though I may be far from my home and native land, I still salute you, Oh Canada.

1 comment:

talklady said...

Gert Gord, I am looking forward to further adventures
and fame for you in your home and native land.