Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting & Wine: A Perfect Girls Night

A few years ago, a friend of mine attending a “wine and painting” night. I saw pictures on Facebook and fell in love. Some day, some where, I was going to paint and drink wine, too! After moving to Tucson, I figured that there must be a place in this city that would offer such a deal. Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear? But a Living Social deal, for half-off a wine & painting class for me and a dear!

I knew that Dan was not the ideal companion for an evening like this. Instead, it would be perfect for my friend/colleague Maureen, Allison and Meredith. Indeed, it was! We had an excellent time and came home with lovely finished products.

We were “assigned” a rooster. While we could have chosen another subject, it was highly recommended to paint a rooster – because it could be easily finished in 2.5 hours. This was my first time using oils – and I really enjoyed it. The experience really brought me back to my high school art classes, the best part of my day. Being able to create and be expressive – with friends – was such a great night & an excellent end to the semester.


First, we outlined the chicken and feathers. Then, we chose a time of day: morning or evening. Can you guess what mine was?

Painting - AllisonPainting - MaureenPainting - meredith

Above left: Allison; Above right: Maureen; Bottom left: Meredith

Painting - group facesPainting - group

There was also a couple on a date joining us.

You Can Paint is using this for all of their date night group photos! Such a trendsetter.

Here’s a closer of view of my painting. Today, Dan told me that this is most impressive thing I’ve done (creatively) – since we started dating AND that he wants to display this in his office.


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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Oh, I like it!
Now, please paint me something, and I'll display it in my office. :)