Saturday, March 15, 2014

Catching up with the Kieslings: in the sewing room

Well, it's official, I like to sew.

Growing up, I sewed because I had to...for 4-H.
...and a little because I wanted to.
...but I wouldn't have said that it brought me joy.

I really loved sewing during 5th and 6th grades. I mastered the creation of patterned leggings and oversized tunics. (Now I wish I had a serger at my disposal; I would be rocking that look - and showing the undergrads how to do it.)

...and then, I was supposed to ascend the next level of creation-mastery. Pleats, zippers, buttons - and all of those skills that require attention...and confidence...and some amount of perfection. ...and I loathed ripping seams. Once I start something, I want to finish it right then. No waiting; no returning; no starting over.

You know what's great about sewing as an adult? No judge at the county fair is examining the straightness of my lines. No one will look down upon the fact that I've just sewn my 200th pillow and have no plans to move on.

Okay, I digress. Let's get back to what projects I've been working on lately.

I LOVE to sew gifts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

My cousin Elizabeth is having her first baby in June - and I am so happy for her! Her shower was today, and I made a couple of items for her and her husband to welcome little baby C to the family.

First up: Diaper changing pads. I chose a delightful, gender-neutral, yet hip, pairing for Mom's pouch. I cut these 14" wide by 36" long. I made the pouch big enough to fit a pack of Costco-sized wipes and a couple of diapers. I figure that if you want more diapers, you can just use a smaller pack of wipes. I made a second pad for a colleague who is also having her first baby. This was my first time sewing Velcro. I was a little intimidated - for no reason. It was super easy.

The 2 pictures above are of the diaper pouch for Dad. (Equal opportunity, right?) Liz & Kevin don't know the sex of baby C - but I figured a 'manly' pouch is the best way to entice a dad to carry around a changing mat, right? The inside chevron colors are an olive/sage-green/khaki. The outside is a blue plaid with the 'olive' strip running through it. When I showed it to Dan, he said, "Oh, very Michigan State-y." Even better way to entice Dad to change diapers! :)

Top: Nursing shawl; Middle: diaper changing pad for Mom; Bottom: diaper changing pad for Dad

Imagine that underneath that shawl is a nursing baby.... Hopefully I won't be taking any selfies if that were the case.

I used the template found on this website for the diaper changing pads:
I used this website as a template for the nursing shawl: Her directions are really confusing. If you follow her measurements, understand this: the 30" (length) are NOT on the fold. The 25" (width) is the fold. She says it backwards. I had already made my cuts at the point I figured this out. So, I sewed 2, 12" sections on the 30" side, and then cut the 30" fold. No big deal. 


Anonymous said...

So, sewing is….soaring with abandon, hours spent in creative meandering…without a critic or judge! I get it and agree!

But I sure miss my mom, the seam ripper

PJ Colando said...

I am not Anonymous, I am PJC @

Mona said...

One more thing we have in common, Amy Farrah Fowler, or it it Bates? I too, love to sew and give it away. One of my favorite things to do. Great job on your projects and no, I'm NOT judging. Turn into a sew-n-sew, I dare you.