Saturday, October 18, 2014

I live for the applause-plause

Last Friday, at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Honors Convocation, I was honored with the A+ Advisor Award. This award is sponsored by the Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity, of which I was a member as an undergraduate at Iowa State. With this particular award, students select the advisor - by voting for their favorite advisor in the College.

Knowing that I received this award because of my students makes this very special. I am just so honored that they took the time out of their schedules to vote for me. It is just so humbling. I am just so honored and grateful.

So, to my students: THANK YOU for recognizing the effort that I put in to make your experience at Arizona better; THANK YOU for being you. I do work with some really wonderful students!

...and now, for your viewing pleasure - pictures from last well as, a couple of ways that students surprised me this past week!

A student stopped by the office on Thursday with this for me. There was a bake sale on the first floor of our building. When she saw two cupcakes, she decided to buy one for herself and one for me. I was so touched that she thought of me! Sometimes students really surprise me in the most wonderful ways.
[and for those of you following my health journey - no I did not eat this; I shared the joy with another.]

...and this showed up last week, too. So much thoughtfulness! 

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PJ Colando said...

proud of you on many fronts: dress you made, cupcake you accepted but didn't eat, earning the honor and respect of your students, and being an all-around wonderful person