Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bridal Showers Bring May Flowers!

For my our faithful blog readers (which I think is limited to my Aunt Mary!) who keep checking for "wedding of the decade" updates (if you thought that was Prince William and Kate, you were wrong!), here are some pictures from bridal showers thrown in the last few weeks by our families.

On February 26, my Kremer aunts threw me a shower in Jesup. It was such a nice gathering of family. We had delicious appetizers and excellent cake. In true Kremer form, we drank a lot of coffee that afternoon!

My mom and I

Center-cake, center-flowers, center-frame

Trinity (my cousin's daughter) helped me open presents; my aunt Barbara recorded gifts; my grandma Ellen watched (and held babies)

On March 12, Dan's family held a shower for us in Michigan. His sister, Karen, and sister-in-law, Kim, hosted. It was a great time to re-connect with the Rileys, meet baby Lucy, and meet some of Dan's neighbors. I love meeting the people who've watched Dan grow up because they always tell me what a catch I'm getting! Too bad Dan is missing out on all of the showers thrown by my family & friends, so that they can tell him how lucky he is! ;-)

Opening the "only" gift for Dan! (Sure every gift is for "us" - but we all know that means me! ha!)


Kathy (my mom), Karen (Dan's sister), Brenna (niece), Kim (Dan's sister-in-law), me, and Linda (Dan's mom)

Brenna, our flower girl, and me; she is VERY excited for her new dress!

On March 15, my Gramma Faye (Rohrig) and cousin Heather hosted a "wedding tea" for my parents and me. It was such a great time. I love tea parties, especially when they involve antique, mis-matched teacups and saucers. I felt like such a proper lady! We had a great luncheon and enjoyed each other's company very much.

Dad enjoying the wedding tea. "Quite right, Gov'nah!" (now you know where I get my flair for the dramatic!)

Gramma Faye, Heather and me

The dessert plate held a tiny sample of each dessert on their menu! Even for this dessert-lover, it was overwhelming!

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