Sunday, March 20, 2011

Engagement pictures

Dan traveled to Ames on March 5-7. We took advantage of his time here by visiting the reception hall, meeting with the caterer, hanging out with family, getting initiated into the Catholic church, ordering tuxes, planning the ceremony, taking a couple's compatability quiz (we're still waiting to hear if we passed) AND taking engagement pictures!
*Whew!* You're exhausted just after reading that list? Imagine how we felt! We can't wait for the wedding weekend! (Yes, we are very excited for the weekend. However, after weekends like that, I *hope* that the wedding weekend isn't quite so exhausting. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but let a girl live in her dream world awhile, all right?)

Without further ado, here are pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I really like this picture...especially the guy in the BLUE coat and RED hat. Any photoshop experts out there that know how to erase this guy?

So, there's a little sample of our engagement pictures. My mother took all the photographs. If you're interested in having her capture your precious memories on film, please talk to her at the wedding. (end shameless plug)

Did you notice Dan's tie and sports coat? He requested formal engagement pictures where he would be in a coat and tie and I would be clad in a nice dress. That afternoon, he wanted to wear jeans - so I thought it was only fair that I wear jeans, too - and not walk around in the snow in a dress! It also worked well for our informal pictures because we didn't have to waste time on a major wardrobe change. This worked in our favor since we were on a bit of a time crunch. (see description of weekend above)
It also just so happened to start snowing quite hard when we went outside for pictures at the campanile. Now, we'll have some lovely "winter" shots to hang in our home and remind us what snow is like when next winter is spent in the desert!

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allisha said...

The Campanile pic is still my favorite!! :)