Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's my season?

Today, I have been trying to finish the edits to my creative component. I believe, however, that I am my own worst enemy.  My attention span is only so long...and then, I need some entertainment.  As part of my distraction, I checked out pintrest and stumbled upon a color chart.

Based on the instructions from this site, I've narrowed my season to either 'Clear Winter' or 'Deep Winter.' I need some assistance. As my friends, you see things that I don't. Please comment with your opinion of my season.

Help me figure out which is my season:


talklady said...

Okay, honey. If this is all it takes to look like Angelina Jolie who has Brad Pitt, the man of dreams, I'd say clear winter!

And, the clothing colors in your website photos align with clear winter: medium gray, hot pink, taupes.

Hey, how's the countertop microwave?

Peace and Joy, PJC

Farmgirl Chaos said...

If it was me, I would pick Deep Winter. I like those colors!
But, since it's for you, I too will say Clear Winter. Here's why. You {use to} wear lots of pastels. And they look nice on you. So why change? Buying all new clothes would cost a little too much.
So there you have. Clear Winter you are. :)