Wednesday, June 12, 2013

J = Jessie

This is just a fun post.

Last night, a group of friends and I headed out to support the Rotaract Club of Tucson in their fundraise for Ben's Bells. They held a "pub trivia": Disney style competition. The competition was held at the restaurant/pub that my friends and I frequent, and my former preceptor helped arrange the night. Translation: I couldn't NOT go!

As part of the evening, a person could dress up as a Disney character. One of my friends initially suggested that each of us dress up as a Disney princess...this didn't get much traction. A couple days ago, I decided to repurpose my shirt from my Halloween costume, Dan's hat, and my boots and go as Jessie from Toy Story.
Howdy folks!

I would never do this in real life, but for the sake of authenticity, I had to tuck! :)

I thought the "dress up" portion was only for fun. Then, I was informed that I had to pay $5 to enter the competition. Um...ok? Whatever, it's for a good cause!

During the 'competition' - those of us who chose to dress up had to introduce ourselves, our character - and then the audience voted on who was best based on the volume of cheers. The winner? The only guy (of course) who dressed up in a store-bought costume of the Beast. 2nd place? The Evil Queen - also in a store-bought costume. I think Evil Queen and I had about the same amount of cheers, to be honest. I'm sure that she threatened the judges with an evil spell to ensure the win.

I didn't dress up for the competition - or to win - but, just because I could get some more mileage out of that AWESOME shirt! I was really humbled by the amount of cheers for me, though. I thought my only support would be from my table of friends - and it wasn't. So, that's a win in my book.

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Anonymous said...

Dudley Do-right (correct?) and Jessie would totally wear matching 'going steady' shirts! Good projection of your personality, too - or is that two personalities?! LOL and love,