Friday, June 28, 2013

TROUBLE - that starts with T and it rhymes with P - and that stands for POOL

Yes, yes, we got trouble!
Right here in Arizon-y...
It starts with T -
and that rhymes with P -
and it stands for POOL!

(Courtesy of Meredith Wilson's The Music Man)

We have a pool. One of the best parts of buying our house was the backyard: real grass AND a pool.

One of the thorns in our sides of buying our house: the pool.

We moved into a beautiful, pristine, clear pool. Everything was working. We thought it'd be a breeze to take care of.

Within 2 weeks, it was green.

We got a pool service to come in (Living Social deal, yea!). The day they were to come, they didn't. Dan took a day off - called, and was told that we were put on a 'different calendar.' They offered to come sometime the next day between 12 and 4; he said that wasn't good enough - he needed a smaller window, given that he had stayed home for an entire day already, waiting. They did their service to us given the deal (2 weeks) - pool was sparkling again. We bid them adieu for their poor customer service; they did nothing to stop us.

We skated by on what they did for a week...and then the pool started turning again. We then decided to go with a chemical service that came very highly recommended by my friend & colleague. They came, the pool started to clear up. They come every week, and we were happy to know our pool would get the consistent service it needs.

Last week, they didn't come at all. By the weekend, our pool was pretty cloudy and 'dark teal' in color. We called to complain and demand better service. They came twice this week but did little to apologize. Our pool is still cloudy. We have run the filter non-stop as instructed.


Oh, the good parts of owning a pool?

It's a freakin' pool! I can get in it, anytime I want! ...oh, yes, that is the upsetting part about when it's green...because then I wonder if I am putting myself at risk for developing a rash.... And then, I get in anyway - because it's a POOL - and it's over 100 degrees outside!

A few years ago, I started doing water aerobics with my friend Lindsay. I loved those workouts; 1) I got to spend time with my friend, 2) they are awesome workouts! I love "working out" in the pool. I hate "working out" anywhere else. I love it in the pool.

My newest work-out is "deep-sea running." Okay, okay, while our pool has a deep-end, it's not like I'm in the middle of the ocean. "Deep water running" is a better description. I do this for a while - there's no clock outside, so I just count to myself while doing different reps...I do this for about 25 - 35 minutes, I think. Then, I do an arm workout - pull-ups using the diving board, push-ups and tricep dips using the 'bench' in the deep-end. Then, I do some of the ab workouts we did in water aerobics.

This, along with my desire to invite our friends to swim in the pool and share our 'wealth', is why the sketchy pool service frustrates me.

The "fun" part about the pool (even when it's turning green): Dan's pronunciation of algae. Al-jay. I pronounce it Al-gee. Whenever he says, "Aljay," I smile inside. It's so cute.

For my ag friends out there, let me create an analogy about owning a pool:

Owning a pool is like owning a horse.

Clear enough for you, isn't it??
Awesome for its recreational purposes and the hours of entertainment that can be provided; excellent at burning your resources (hay/money).

Also, when you spend a 30-minutes every day 'sweeping' the poolsides and steps/benches (to keep algae from sticking), you have really no desire to come inside and sweep. So, folks, when you visit and the pool is pristine, but the house isn't - just remember, it's one or the other! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Ha - we have more in common! Our algae accumulated when we had a pool cover over our dark gray pool = yuck! That's when Larry's biochemistry degree came in handy. Oh, and an endless check book!

Larry was our pool man for 30 we have Ryan.

Larry has been my Cabana Boy for 39 1/2 years...and I'm having no one else.