Friday, July 12, 2013

Projects: Pillows

When we moved into this house, we inherited a couch. Maybe inherited isn't the right word...we asked for it. The sellers left the couch in the house during the showing, so Dan asked if we could have it when put in the offer.

It's a great couch; comfy and large. The only downfall is that it's a little dated. The upholstery is a yellow & blue plaid (which is fairly neutral). The throw pillows that came with the couch were VERY southwestern.

A couple of weeks ago, while at Pottery Barn, I found 4 PB placemats. One of my "new" things is to make pillows from fancy placemats. It works really well. The most work is ripping the seams out of the placemat. Here are my 4 new pillows:

I love this way of making pillows. Pottery Barn pillows are awesome - but expensive. Finding a placemat for $4 that fits the PB color scheme, yet is original and the hints of 'handmade' - that has all the things. 

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