Sunday, August 24, 2014

Colorado Trip Recap

For our summer vacation, we took a trip to Colorado the first week of August!

We went to Colorado because Dan was judging the Sheep and Goat Shows at the Logan County Fair. Prior to the Fair, we visited the Colorado Springs Urgent Care (sinus infection), Manitou Springs Cliff Dwelling (go to the real thing: Mesa Verde - or I hear we have a few in Arizona); Rocky Mountain National Park.

This was our first time to Rocky Mountain National Park. We loved it! We would love to go back with either/both of our families and spend some time in Estes Park to spend a few days (not a few hours) there. At the Park/on the way there, we saw a herd of elk, 4 bull elk, 3 big horn sheep, 1 gopher (?) sprawled out on the road...and a dead baby skunk.

Besides RMNP, my favorite part was being in Sterling/drive back to CO-SP. Why? ...prairie.
I just love the prairie. I had forgotten what rural farm towns smell like on a summer night after a rain. I love the rolling hills and the yellow-green grass spotted with farmhouses and fields. It felt like "home."
[Oh yeah - and we got to see our friend Megan and meet her mom & kids! Dan & Megan were in grad school together; Megan had been the Extension Agent in Sterling for 5 years and was the reason we came to Colorado! That was such a treat! Miss them!]

Time for some pictures:

Outtakes trying to get the "perfect" couple shot

The views around 12,000 feet - it's a tundra!

Senior picture time! :)
 After the Fair, we headed back to Colorado Springs. We visited the Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods before boarding the plane home.

Storm rollin' into Colo Sp!

Air Force chapel and grounds

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Megan said...

It was great to see you! We miss you Don & Jennifer! :)