Thursday, August 14, 2014


My friend Paige used the above phrase in her post today, as she is settling into her normal life after an awesome vacation. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!  (and I am so passionate about it that I used all caps!)

The thing is school starts on August 25, which means after today, I have 6 work days to be ready for the onslaught. And like, 1 of those days is just devoted to an all-day training, so I have really only FIVE work days to get ready. ...and all I wanna-do-is-zooma-zoom-zoom-anda-boom-boom!

...and by that I mean: I just want to read Harry Potter and dream about being at the Iowa State Fair and eating Pork-Chops-On-A-Stick...and be anywhere but my chair, staring at a computer screen.



Find my motivation and send it to me.
Or at least a good Pandora station that will make me want to shake my rump. into action.

For sticking around: here's some fun insight into Dan & Jessica conversations:
Walking on our way to our buildings this morning:

Dan (talking about essays he had written in high school): Sometimes, I would use Garth Brooks quotes in my essays for tests. Like in 'American Experience,' which was a combination English/American History/social studies class, when we writing about Black History Month -
Jessica (interrupting): You quoted, "We Shall Be Free."
Dan: Yeah. and it was awesome. I knew it would get me points.
Jessica: You know, I would have used it because I believed it.

There you have it: Dan, the pragmatist. Jessica, the idealist.
For what it's worth.....


Anonymous said...

Pandora: Bollywood Workout Radio

paige said...

i'm with you, lady. on the whole 'normal life is the worst' front, of course. not so much on the 'garth brooks quote in a paper' thing, unless it was that one song that's all, 'and the thunder rolllllllls,' because it's catchy. which is where i diverge from you and dan in my garth brooks usage: dan wants the points, you want the gut-level belief, i just want to be entertained.

ah, garth brooks. everything to everyone.