Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Shout-Outs: CAKE!

(back story) Dan was the 2000 Michigan FFA President. One of his fellow officers was Attalee Hardy. She also went to Michigan State, and she and Dan became good friends. Attie married Jim Brix; they moved to Iowa when both got jobs in Omaha. She works for ConAgra as a food scientist in research & development.  We met toward the beginning of Dan and I's relationship and became good friends. They are great people with great kids - and well, we wish people like that were our next door neighbors! Anyway...Attie is VERY talented and makes/decorates cakes on the side.

As soon as Dan and I were engaged, I wanted her to make our cake. I found the cake design in The Knot's winter magazine issue (which I got Dan to buy me the day we were engaged because it had a cake I liked and the flower-scheme I wanted). I sent that to Attie. The original design used lilies; since peonies were the flower of the day, Attie learned to make sugar peonies. That is correct, folks, all of those flowers at the base are edible and were made by hand!  I keep encouraging Attie that she needs to go into this full time and call her business, "Attie Cakes." (like patty-cake!) 

Attie works on the base layer.

Setting the cake up on the table!
Our topper was the same topper that Dan's parents used. I really had no plans to have a topper since the model cake didn't use one. However, Dan wanted a topper - and he wanted a bride and groom.  (He's quite the traditionalist - and I love him for that!) While visiting my Gramma Faye, I noticed her topper. It was precious (not Precious Moments) with a little bride and groom that almost resembled Kewpie dolls. It was from the early 40s - and I didn't feel that I could ask to borrow it. I tried searching Ebay, but came up with nothing. Dan asked his parents about theirs and we decided to use it. We did modify it just a little. There was a canopy of white flowers framing the couple. I was not a fan; Dan liked it. As you can see, I won. :) I loved having it as our topper. It was perfect.

(Although one of our younger guests did point out that the bride & groom didn't look anything like us.)

All photos on this post are courtesy of Nicole at Farmgirl Chaos!

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