Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casita Nueva!

For those of you English-only folks, that means 'new little house.' On Friday, Dan and I moved into our casita with the help of a couple of friends. (Yes, friends!) Dan and I started the moving process about 7:30 that morning with all of the boxes and "little" stuff. Nathan and Ryan came by around 2:30/3 to move the big stuff, while I cleaned the old apartment. It was very successful. Did I mention that it was 110 degrees outside? Yes, those are some good friends!

Here's some pictures of our little adobe abode!

The outside view - complete with a prickly pear (whose fruits are edible) and a space over-run by ventana? where I can plant flowers or vegetables in the fall and spring!

Kitchen: no dishwasher or microwave, but we can handle it. Dan is GREAT at washing dishes.

I'm okay trading a dishwasher for a washer/dryer.

The view into the living room through the front door. It's not a sprawling floor plan, but it works for us!

The living room, complete with a built in "entertainment center." Unfortunately, our TV is just a little too big for that space. After arranging furniture in there, I think our TV is just a little too big for the whole place. (Any takers?) As our friend Ryan said, "You're definitely in the moment (of what is taking place on TV)."

Guest bedroom/office - with a view into the guest bath/kitchen. Yes, Mom & Dad there are two sets of doors. :)

Master Bedroom with a view into the master bathroom.

Walk-in closet with built in shelves!

If you are interested in our new address, shoot us an email. I'd rather not put it out here on the world-wide web!

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