Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

On Memorial Day, we headed back to Tucson. This time, we took 'the 8' to San Diego - then along the border, to Yuma and home. In San Diego, we had lunch with my good friend (and country cousin) Marijo and her husband, Lawrence. They are moving to Japan next month for 2 years, so it was wonderful to see them and introduce them to Dan.

Tuesday was our "official" anniversary. We spent the day working. On our way into work, we stopped at Wheel Donuts (the local donut shop that Dan loves) for breakfast.

After work, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Sure, it's not fancy - but we love it. AND it was 'Traditional Tuesday,' which we love - and I love a good, yeah, it may not be fancy, but it's us. We walked out stuffed and satisfied and then Dan said, "SO - wanna buy a cake?"

"No." Disheartened Dan replies, "You don't?"

Well, no, not really. I was stuffed - and I don't really like cake. BUT, I know that look and after a year of marriage, I'm starting to learn which battles are just not worth it. SO - we got a cake.

Wait - Happy WHAT? Annivershfhsdlkfsdy?
Cake Wrecks, anyone??

His idea. Seriously, what a cutie. :)

...and sorry about the sideways pics. I didn't flip 'em before adding.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

How can you say no to cake?!
Some days I make a cake/cupcakes.... but it/end up going to waste because I can't eat it all.