Thursday, June 14, 2012

Honeyversary, Day 1 - Disneyland!

"Honeyversary? What's that, Jessica?"

Oh, you know, that time when you combine a honeymoon into your first anniversary celebration.

For our "honeyversary" - aka first anniversary wedding weekend - we headed west to sunny, cooler, (more) humid southern California! Living in Tucson, we'd already had days in the triple digits, so it was SUCH a relief to spend 3 days with weather in the 60s-70s. I loved being able to break out the jeans for a few days. We left Tucson mid-afternoon on Thursday, and took I-10 (or "the 10" to Califonians) to Irvine. We were welcomed with open arms into Larry and PJ Colando's home (cousins to Dan's mom).

On Friday morning, we slept in and then enjoyed breakfast with Larry and PJ before heading to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! Dan and I have both been to Disneyworld, but never to Disneyland - so we figured it was a must. The two are fairly similar; the one ride that is different, the Matterhorn, was closed for repairs. Whomp-whomp.

We had a great day. Favorite ride: Space Mountain (Jessica); Pirates of the Caribbean (Dan). I got to see my first Disney parade! Dan got to conquer his fear of Snow White and her scary adventures. AND we came to the mutual agreement that we will only take our children to Disneyland/world when they are old enough to walk without whining. The strollers take over the park! [That rule, by the way, comes courtesy of my parents who made that rule for our family regarding when we could go to the Iowa State Fair...which meant no Fair for me until I was 9.]

The adventure begins.
BTW - like my glasses? Totally went shopping in the school's lost and found for these babies. Oh. YES.

Prepare for the amazement of watching Michael Jackson from 1986 in a Star Wars-esque 3D adventure.

You know, it really IS a small world.

Visiting ToonTown revealed that Dan has not seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Add that to the "must-see" movies!

Mickey kicks off the parade! He was actually playing those drums, too.

Belle and Cinderella


Lots of awesomeness happening here.

It's a jolly holiday with Mary!

Sleeping Beauty's castle

This was my amazing dessert. We ate in the "French Quarter" of Frontierland. We played it smart during the day and had snacked on some popcorn and brought our own giant water bottle (several water fountains in the park). Then, we splurged on one big meal. That cake was all worth it; it was much more like a mouse and ah-mazing.

I can't pass up a carousel - and now I have roped Dan into it!

That's right! We got to meet THE couple of the hour! It was a total fluke. We were waiting for the fireworks to start (which ended being canceled due to wind) and headed over to catch 'Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.' Tucked away in this corner near the theater with Lincoln, there was a line of about 10-15 people. We looked and there were Mickey and Minnie! I told Dan that we had to get our pictue taken with them. We walked to the theater anyway. After inside for about 2 minutes, Dan said, "You want to go get our picture taken?" YES.  How often do you get to meet the power couple of the century? ;-)

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Looks like a fun time!
And you sure like the 'mouse'...whether in animal form or food form. Unless if you mean mousse! :)