Thursday, June 14, 2012

Honeyversary Day 2: Relaxation

On Saturday, Larry and PJ had arranged for us to have brunch 'on the ocean' in Laguna Beach. The restaurant is the former home a Hollywood star. It was excellent food, service - and even better company. We were able to have a 'window seat' and look out directly onto the ocean.

Our anniversary mouse

Family as Friends: PJ, Larry, me, Dan - what a view!

After brunch, we walked along the ocean (not on the sand, but along a 2-mile sidewalk above the 'beach'/rocks). It was beautiful.

Can't pass up a photo op with some unique art! I tried to get Dan to pose like the whale, but I think he took offense to the suggestion. I wasn't trying to insinuate that he's like the whale....

9/11 Memorial - beams from each of the Towers

Fun fact: though near the ocean, southern California is still a desert/arid climate. Thanks to the Hoover Dam and the canal system, California has lush, rich vegetation and farm fields due to water from the Colorado River. Just think, Arizona could have gotten that water.... 

We found a beach wedding!

So, I had to take several pictures. Dan thought I was totally weird for doing this; I think it must have been the nostalgia.

DOLPHINS!  We saw several dolphins swimming out in the ocean.

After vising the beach and walking along the ocean, we went wine tasting. It was glorious and fun.
After wine tasting at two places, we took naps. Then ate delicious tri-tip, soaked up the sunshine, laughed, and watched the Disney fireworks - all from Larry & PJ's backyard.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

You had 'mouse' again! Ha!
Is the climate of this place similar to San Diego/La Jolla?