Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gifts from Heaven

As I said, the day after our trailer was robbed, Dan's uncle passed away. Remembering that old wives' tale about bad things coming in threes, I was dreading what could possibly come on Thursday. Dan was travelling to Michigan. Would that be the badness? Would something go wrong?

Ah, worry. You come so naturally to me.

It wasn't the badness.

In fact, no badness came on Thursday. Only goodness came on Thursday. I was meeting with a student regarding academic probation and what had contributed to poor performance. As we talked, I felt led to ask about the student's spiritual life (which rarely happens). The student shared that she didn't have one, but really wanted one. It was a great time to share, to listen, and encourage. I offered that if she was ever interested in learning more, I would be willing to meet with her.

It was such a blessing to my heart. I needed that, on that day, in that week. Too much had happened too quickly to have me doubting our call, our place.

In the past year, two very special men have passed from this life. Shortly after both, I have 'divine appointments' as I like to call them (since they are advising appointments), where students approach me in a position of needing spiritual advice, not just academic. These are opportunities are true gifts - treasures - for me. To have this depth of impact and influence, that is truly special to me.

This is what I imagine happening up in Heaven around this time. Our loved ones go to Heaven and get to have a special meeting with Jesus. During their special one-on-one time with Jesus, He says, "So, F.C.," or "So, Conrad, who would you like to bless today? Who of your loved ones needs special encouragement, to hear from me?"

That's what I imagine. We don't know quite know what Heaven will be like, but based on my recent experiences, I'd like to imagine that as we worship at the feet of Jesus - that we get the opportunity to intercede in prayer for those on earth and to converse with our Lord.

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Anonymous said...

You are a heavenly presence. Bet your advisees sort of regard you a god - which I mean in all due respect to God. You are His likeness for sure, sweetie.