Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pinterest-worthy House Tour

So, about 2.5 months ago I posted on Facebook that I love hosting college girls at our house because they love how "Pinterest-worthy" our house is. Yes, it is definitely pin-spired, which makes it especially pinteresting. My friends immediately commented that they wanted pictures. ...and I have never provided them.

Last week, we hosted our Core Group from Marriage Encounter. With the house all cleaned up, I decided I should take some pictures. I am not showing you the entire house...I've got to keep some suspense up.

Here is our "formal" living room.

Next up - the guest room. (and sorry about the angle)

Master bedroom!
Again - sorry about the angle. My dad "built" this for us when they were visiting in May. It's a pallet, sprayed with a clear coat, and hooks added.

Eventually that "Love" quilt will be hanging on the left side of the bed/headboard. 
This was the mantle at Easter.

...and finally the Pool:

1 comment:

P J Colando said...

looking friendly and sweet - especially the inviting pool (did you hear a splash?)

but where is the exquisitely tailored blue-and-green couch?