Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I married Alex P. Keaton....

which is fitting for the girl who wanted to be Blair Warner, from Facts of Life.

Those are just some of Dan's ties. Six more were added to the box. With a collection like that, you might think he's throwing his hat into the run for the presidency. Not yet. ;)  Maybe a secretary of agriculture some day... Just one of the reasons I married him - one month ago today!

For our one month anniversary, we're moving! Okay, not on this actual day, but in two days! Hence, the ties in the box. :)

I'd hoped to do a whole blog shout-out to every one that helped with our wedding through pictures, but that is just too time-consuming. So, for all of those who helped, THANK YOU! Someday, I'll get a proper picture to recognize your efforts!

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Anonymous said...

Ben has probably 45 ties....I understand your plethora of ties in a household! When I moved Ben's ties (since he doesn't need them living at Stuart's) I threw them into a Target bag. You've definitely taken better care of Dan's ties, good job!!! :) --Rach