Saturday, September 3, 2011


Last night, I had another wedding dream. The focus this time, though, wasn't on Dan and me - but my family, specifically, my young cousins.

The setting was the reception. Zachary, our ring bearer, asked me to dance. As we started to dance, he just hugged me - I was about to correct him about 'proper dance space', when I looked down and saw that he was crying. His dance with me was his chance to communicate love and say good-bye.

I love that Zachary. He is full of spitfire - a little unpredicatable at time - all boy, lover of sports - and thirsty for victory. He can be a bit much, at times, and there are times when you need to teach him at the rules of the game are not "Zachary wins." BUT, I love this kid because he also has a very soft and tender heart. He doesn't show it to a lot of people - unless you can recognize it in his disappointment at losing. It's there, though.

Spitfire: Zachary publicly displays his feelings toward MORE pictures....

Sweetheart: this was his idea. Our photographer asked him to take my bouquet (as in stand next to me and hold it) - he got down on one knee to present me my bouquet. It was so precious.

Zian (older brother to Zach- on the right) and Hunter (on the left)- were the official 'noisemakers' - responsible for handing out the noisemakers to the guests.

The last person that I danced with was Hunter, cousin to Zian and Zachary. He is such a special boy. He is quiet and soft-spoken, a total outdoorsman like his dad and grandpas, and a teachable little soul. I remember that I had to coax him to dance with me. The next thing I knew, as we entered the dance floor, he aged five years and was a 14 year old - with facial hair and looked just like his Uncle Mark! I was just in disbelief. Where was my little boy? Where was little Hunter and who was this man - with a beard  at age 14?? (I guess this dream demonstrates how much of a Kies, he really is!)

Oh dreams...sometimes, you make no sense. But one thing is clear - I love my family...and I miss seeing them change and grow up. (Okay, I know it's only been 3 months...but they change so fast!)

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