Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Do You Like Arizona?

Whenever I meet someone new - which is essentially everyone - and they find out that I moved here three months ago from Iowa - which is the response to the first question asked (where are you from/when did you move here?) - the follow up question is always: "So, how do you like Arizona?"

Most of the time, folks are referring to the weather. That's when I get to tell them how much I have enjoyed the monsoon season because of the humidity (which almost always elicits shock and disbelief). I don't mind the 'dry heat' - which does exist, folks - until the mercury stays up around 107 - 110 for several days on end.

What I don't tell people - since most are making conversation and don't really care - is that while Arizona is fine and I enjoy my life here, I miss having friends. I feel so blessed that I have family here; so blessed that I have a college friend here who is a friend and colleague to both Dan & I; in fact, I even have a high school classmate here! (we did have some classes together; technically, she was a year younger).

I miss my close girlfriends, though. I'm thankful for the last year to hang out with you (all)...just wish you were here, in person, sometimes. I know you'll visit. I know some of you have already planned your visit. I am so thankful for you. Just want you to know - you're missed.

How do I like Arizona? I like it.

Is it home? ...sort of? That part will come...I have faith. :)

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