Friday, September 2, 2011

How Do You Like Arizona? Follow-Up

Beyond the "my best friends are in the Midwest" aspect, here's one challenge I've found to living in Tucson: the lack of summer.

"Say whaaa, Jessica?! Isn't it like sunny 90% of the time and 105 degrees?"

Yep. Exactly what I mean.

I'm used to summer being the time I spend outside. Soaking up sun, searching for eateries with outside patios, walking all the time, throwing open a few windows (when you get those cooler days, of course), playing sand volleyball or slow pitch softball, grilling out, having outdoor parties - you know! When it's above 100, you don't really want to be outside much, you know?

So, getting used to spending summer indoors has been a process.

But you know what will be awesome?  In a month-ish when I can do all of these things for the next nine months while my peeps back in the Midwest enjoy the cool, brisk fall weather (k, I'll miss the colors - and that first 'fall is officially here' day - but I'll enjoy weather like that all winter) and then dig themselves out from snowstorm, after snowstorm, after snowstorm. :)

Yeah, we'll take visitors....

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

And when you need your snow fix, come on up. You know me....I love fall, and winter comes in 2nd. :) You keep the heat. I'll keep the cool. :)