Friday, June 24, 2011

Fast Fact Friday

Yeah, I'm on an alliteration kick, so sue me!

It seems that in the blogging world the kick is to have a run-down of your week with the "Friday Five." Since I just *hate* following the crowd; only a little, really, I don't want to stand out too much, but I do want to be unique; you get a 'Fast Fact Friday.' The inspiration comes from one of my former students and my fount of endless, frivolous (not useless) knowledge. On our college tour trip last year, every time I mentioned something noteworthy, he would say, "Fast fact!" I loved it so much that I started saying it and then he said that I was ruining, 'Fast fact!' I digress...onto the fact!

First fact: The University of Arizona Cattle Growers Association sells meat processed at the U of A Meat Lab every Friday. In the summer the hours are 3-5; during the school year, the hours are 3-7 pm. I get to help with the sale because Dan is the club's advisor, they are short staffed, I don't have a job, I like helping and getting out of the house! It's a win-four-times-over situation.

Second fact: The highest priced cut of meat on any four-legged animal is the loin, whose scientific name is the longissimus dorsi. The tenderloin's scientific name is the psoas major. Correction: the tenderloin is the highest priced, which makes sense when you know it as filet mignon (lots of folks asking for these last week); loin is second.

Third fact: A T-bone and Iowa chop are a special cut of meat providing the loin and tenderloin (that's the smaller piece of meat). What are the scientific names, class? That's right! Longissimus dorsi and psoas major!

Fourth fact:  Canadian bacon, a popular choice among Canadians and pizza lovers, is actually cured tenderloin - not bacon or ham, though most pizza chains will try to pull a fast one on you. Here is a great link to the pork cuts of meat poster: (If you're yearning for a great education on ribs, then just go to the main page. I am hankerin' for some ribs, now!)

There you have it, folks! Fast-fact Friday! I'd like to thank F.C. Parrish for his fabulous instruction in Animal Science 270, Survey of Meat Science and 476C, Meat Judging. Even after ten-plus years, those facts still stick with me.

If you're in Tucson, come by some meat from 3-5!

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