Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life in the Great Southwest

As I write this, I sit beneath a set of trees (some look like ginko, some bamboo, a mesquite, and some palm trees) on the 'central campus' of the University of Arizona, east of Old Main and south of the student union. At this early hour, there is slight breeze and temps in the 70s. In the shade, this is delightful. Yes, married life in Arizona is not all homesickness and heat-stroke.  (Just to clarify, yes I have been homesick; no, I have not had heat-stroke.)

I really like the U of A campus. From my vantage point, I see a blend of southwest architecture and modern buildings. Not adobe, but beautiful red brick with terra cotta roofs.  Old Main resembles a ranch mansion, with a large wrap around veranda. The modern buildings try to incorporate this red brick, but maintain their modernity with square lines and glass fronts. You all really should visit sometime; hopefully, you'll be as taken with its beauty as me.

Today, I came with Dan into work. I need the distraction of being out of the house; it increases my productivity. In the house, I get sucked into goings-on on the Today Show & Rachael Ray. Facebook is the stealer of work-productivity and TV is the stealer of housework-productivity.  Oh, the evils of technology!

My goals for today are to apply for three-four jobs with the University, a part-time/pass-the-time job at some hotels, and work on reporting the results of my creative component. Dan and I have set some 'lofty' financial-freedom goals that can only be accomplished with me having a job. :) So, all of your petitions on behalf of my employment would be appreciated.

So far life as a wife has been pretty good to me. I have laid out a menu-plan for this week, gone grocery shopping and saved $25, and have been working on our household budget. And my husband? Well, he keeps me sane, encouraged (the seemingly 'lack of progress' in the job front gets hard on me; I am not used to so much rejection; it's not good for WOOing personality [winning others' over]), and he works hard to provide for us...so that I have the means to be so awesome at grocery shopping and menu-planning.

That's a glimpse into my Tuesday morning!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

So, how about sometime, you take us on a photo tour of the campus? That would be fun. And a photo tour of Tuscon. And a photo tour of whatever else you want to take pictures of. :)