Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday Week: Monday night through Thursday

I know you're dying for the details of birthday week!

On Monday night, after our marathon shopping spell at IKEA, we headed home for a dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Dan grilled steaks & ribs; I made brussel sprouts (sorry Dad - I'll make them for you when you come next) with mushrooms and bacon, and a kale/honeycrisp apple salad - with a maple vinaigrette. For dessert, we had Trader Joe's pumpkin bread pudding (soooo good) with my mom's homemade whipped cream (with a dash of cinnamon).

On Tuesday, Lisa, Mom, and I headed to Sabino Canyon for a hike. I have no pictures. I was with two terrific photographers, so...maybe, if you're my friend on facebook, you'll see the pics, IF they post them. :)

I had grand designs of a 5-mile hike, but after our narrated ride to the trailhead pointing out all the places where mountain lions have been seen, we were a little uneasy. Our uneasiness was compounded when we were the only ones who got off to go hiking. So, here we were - alone, among lots of craggy rocks where the kitties like to hang out (though not typically in late afternoon), and we hiked about half a mile. Was it beautiful, yes? Would I go back? Yes...but maybe get off on a different trailhead...

Can you tell we're related? Didn't even plan the fact that we were wearing the same shirt...the day before, we almost dressed alike....

After that, we hit up a Salvation Army on the way home to find my 'costume' for our annual Christmas photos. We had dinner with Dan on campus. He had a retreat at church. We hit up Nordstrom Rack.

We found these gems. I put them on (for fun); she posed with them and got quite the response on Facebook!

On Wednesday, we headed to Tubac - a former fort in territorial Arizona for the Spanish. I had never been, but had heard about it and thought it'd be fun to check out. It was definitely an experience! Lots of unique shops and we didn't hit most of them. I did get to teach Lisa about Sacred Heart Jesus...or Super-hero Jesus, as she called him. :)

We got our toes done on the way back to Tucson.
That night, we had DELICIOUS desserts from CafĂ© a la C'art for my birthday. There are pictures that exist of the dessert, the candles, and the family bonding, but they are not in my possession.  Also that night, we took our Christmas pictures. We're trying to get them sent early, so that you all know our address - and then we can get your cards at our new house!
Thursday morning, we headed to Frank's for a birthday breakfast.  Lisa and Mom, thank you so much for coming and making the week a great one! It was such a great time!

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