Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 3 - DST

Day 3: I'm thankful for falling asleep to rain. I live in Tucson, AZ, so this is a rare treasure especially in November.
I am also thankful for the time change. AZ doesn't observe daylight savings time: with today's change, I'm now an hour closer to our loved ones in the Midwest!

On Saturday night, about 11, I noticed that it sounded like rain. I thought this strange because we live in Tucson and earlier in the week the weather-lady had said we'd have a drier than average fall and winter. Yet, here it was: rain. I was so excited.

Dan was sick and essentially passed out on the couch. I said, "Dan! It's raining!" He murmered, "SO? Who cares?!" Ah, sick-sleep-talk...sometimes, it's not very understanding.

The rest of the US celebrated on Sunday with an extra-hour of sleep. In Arizona, we don't get the extra hour because we don't observe daylight savings time. I've heard that it's because we get enough sun as it is, here. TRUE THAT. I celebrated that now I only have to imagine what my Iowa friends/family might be doing an hour ahead before calling, and our Michigan family/friends ahead two hours. I don't know why but it feels far less bothersome/intrusive to call someone knowing we're "basically" on the same time frame - instead of being so far ahead.

[That last statement shows just how much of a "P" I am on the Myers-Briggs personality scale. No "J" would ever dare to say that an hour, or even two hours, ahead/behind could be considered 'the same time.']

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