Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 4: AZ friends and detoxing

I have a 2-fold thankfulness today. 1) for my Tucson friends; 2) for Dan's willingness to let me try out home remedies on his illnesses. Last week, he started feeling his weird sinus infection coming on. By Saturday night, he was down for the count. He slept all day yesterday...and then, I made him take a detox bath. So, far he's made it through today.

This one is much more divergent. :)

On Monday, I was really thankful for my friend, Anne Marie. Before I met Anne Marie, my co-worker described her to me as crafty, and her "closest to Martha Stewart"-like friend, then said: "You can't be friends with her; she's my friend." She wasn't forbidding me to be friends with her...but, you know, when you have that friend and you know she's awesome, but you don't want everyone stealing her time away from "your time"? I think that's what she meant. ...maybe.

Anyway, over the last year, Anne Marie and I have become pretty close. She and I share very similar interests - crafting, baking, Pinterest, thrifting, decorating, wine, and we have good talks. She's such a blessing to me. On Monday, we had another one of those 'good talks'...and then, she had a good talk with her priest and has decided to become confirmed within the Catholic church - and asked me to be her sponsor! She's a reminder to me of how good God is to us. :)

Part 2: I find a secret pleasure in serving Dan and trying home remedies to aid his healing. He refers to me as a hippie whenever I suggest them, and I consider that a compliment. 

On Saturday night, Dan started to feel pretty run-down. He slept most of the evening, and then most of the day on Sunday. I decided to put my 'pinning' to work: 1) I brought out our 'Scentsy' wax warmer - and put a tablespoon of Vicks & water in there, and let it warm and then release its nasal-opening vapors; 2) try out one of the 'home remedies' that I'd pinned - a detox bath.

So, I bought some Epsom salt, baking soda, and tried out our bath tub.  The recipe: 2 cups Epsom; one box of baking soda (about 1.5 cups - it should have been 2, but a small box is only 1.5 cups and I forgot to buy 2. I also did a calculation in the store converting teaspoons to tablespoons to cups. Thanks 4-H - and Mr. Brown, our high school science teacher.) - to the salt/soda mixture, I sprinkled some ground ginger (good for getting a sweat going to purge the bad stuff), and a healthy dose of Eucalyptus oil. I should have measured that - it was so strong, my eyes started watering. My nasal passages have never been clearer.

Like a good, dutiful husband, Dan endured the bath. It was recommended that during the first 20 minutes the impurities are released and the last 20 allow your body to absorb the minerals/nutrients. He made it 30; I thought that was admirable. He essentially slept the rest of the night, but went to work the next day and seems to be quite on the mend. We might have to keep this in our regular rotation.

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