Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Here in Tucson, it's 'Monsoon Season.' For my non-Tucsonan readers, that means that this is the one season in the year where we get regular precipitation. Based on the calendar, "monsoon season" begins on June 15. However, the season doesn't really start until there are three days with dew points above 54. (Fast fact, everybody). For 2011, this happened right around July 4.

Prior to July 4, it was H-O-T, hot here. We had nearly ten days that were around 110 degrees, very little cloud cover and a dew point of -2. (only one of those statements is an exaggeration) Hence, when Tucsonans learn just when I moved down here, their reply is, "Oh! Talk about a wake up call!" or "I'm so sorry!" What they're really thinking is, "Boy, she must really love him!" It was not pleasant.

Then July came...and I am in love with Monsoon Season. This statement proves just how Iowan I truly am! Tucsonans hate the humidity; I love it. I bask in its glory as I walk outside and feel my protection from the sun. It's like a welcome hug from an old friend. (Okay, I may be getting a little too nostalgic and ridiculous.) What can I say, though? I really do like it!

Now, I've heard that the adjustment to the dryness comes quickly. So, it may be that when I visit home next May and it's 68 degrees out, I'll proclaim that it's "so hot!" when what I really mean is it's "so humid!" For now, though, I'm holding onto my Iowa roots!

So, the reason it gets humid here during Monsoon Season is the rain! Almost daily, the humidity will climb, the sun will break through and clouds carrying precipitation (usually from Mexico) will burst onto the scene. Some days, it's pretty light. Some times, we get a good ol' storm with thunder & lightning. Once, so far this summer, we've received such a downpour that it flooded our street! It was AWESOME! Below are pictures to prove it. It wasn't that deep and by morning it was dry - but it was cool!

(The title is attributed to all of our local TV metereologists who over-dramatize the season.)

Yep, just goin' for a walk in the flood waters. No biggie.

Check out that spray action! You're not supposed to drive down the flooded streets, as your vehicle could stall. If it does, not only do you have to pay for a tow, but for a ticket, too!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

The roads look like what is running down the road by SSB right now. :) Can there be Monsoon seasons in Iowa?

Not sure if you heard or not, but Dubuque flooded this past weekend....Thursday or Friday night. On Monday when we were there, I didn't notice any flooding. I think it dried up quickly because of the heat. (Either that, or we were just in the wrong part of Dubuque and the River.)

Random question....are there storm drains in Tuscoon {Tuscon + monsoon} on the sides of the roads?