Friday, August 5, 2011

Prescott Pics! & Fast Fact Friday!

Last week, we had the opportunity to travel to Prescott, Arizona for the Arizona Cattleman's Conference. We were there from Wednesday through Saturday and had a wonderful time!

Dan led a livestock judging workshop on Thursday morning - and I got to help score. There is a youth organization for the junior Cattlemen, and this contest was part of it. One little boy who was 5 participated in the contest. He was adorable. During the morning, he did a great job paying attention and even completed all of the judging classes. By the time we'd had lunch, he was ready to go. He came over by me and we hung out and chatted. All morning, he had this big black cowboy hat on - and he had blond hair and cute blue eyes. Oh boy, I could have one of those! :)

The rest of the weekend, Dan worked the trade show representing the Animal Sciences department. I worked on presentation for the second interview and tooled around Prescott with two other ladies who adopted/befriended me! They were great and it is such a blessing to hang out with ladies!

We also got to attend a "steak fry" at one of the local ranches, The Las Vegas Ranch. The owner is a former judging team member, U of A alum, and current state senator. The ranch was beautiful. The trees lining the grounds were at least 200 feet high with a spreading canopy that kept us dry from the sprinkles. They had two big tents set up with white lights. There was a live country band. It was just - amazing. We also rubbed elbows with some state senators, although that wasn't really amazing. (I didn't take my camera along, but wish I would have.)

NOW for some Prescott fast facts!

1. It is pronounced Press-KIT - not press-SCOTT like it looks.
2. While the theme of the conference was "Where Cattlemen Meet at 5000 feet," the elevation is actually around 5300 feet.
3. It used to be the territorial capital of Arizona.
4. Several campaigns have been launched on the steps of the courthouse.
5. It is rich with history! 

The Yavapai County Courthose, which is the same building formerly known as the territorial capitol. Apparently, Barry Goldwater launched all of his campaigns from those steps.

The Arizona state flag

Whiskey Row - and no, it's not all bars! There are some, along with some very cool shops with art from locals.

This is what Whiskey Row looked like in yesteryear.

For my brother

For the Lilly's...who would never own a saloon - maybe it served alcohol chocolates, though?

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Glad you enjoyed your time in Press-KIT! :)

And that little cowboy....that could be Carson in 3 years. I mean, when you drive up to the cattle and he starts hollering 'heyboss!' {which is what they use to call the cattle}, you know it's in his blood. :)