Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's New Wednesday

I haven't posted much about our "regular" life, lately.

I've done a little decorating:
Our "refreshment" "cabinet"

I've done A LOT of cooking - and took pictures of one meal.

Roasted squash with sausage, rosemary and asiago cheese & mushroom risotto and spinach.

I was also able to recreate my favorite Thai lunch. Nine years ago, I lived in Thailand for two months teaching English at Sripatum University in Bangkok as part of a mission trip. The "dining hall" on campus was a giant, open air (though covered) hall. Along the edges were food vendors. My go-to vendor made fried chicken and rice AND mamat pad gai. Mamat means fried, pad = noodles, gai = chicken. Put it all together and you have chicken with fried noodles - in a peanut sauce with bok choy and a little cilantro. I found Thai Kitchens' fried noodles with sauce and gave it a whirl. I sauteed some chicken, bok choy, added the cooked noodles, then the sauce. In addition, I sprinkled some chili powder and chopped peanuts. It was awesome!

I've also been reaping the bounty of an aunt with a lot of tomatoes this month! My solution for an abundance of cherry and yellow 'pear' tomatoes? Roast them with olive oil, some basil and garlic at 325 for 30ish minutes. Cook spiral pasta - add it in for a few minutes at the end and enjoy. Dan doesn't like tomatoes - and he looooves this dish.

I also got a hair cut!

I've also had three interviews and one second interview. I'll find out at the end of this week about the second interview. I would LOVE this job and feel like it was made for me! If you think of it, prayers are always appreciated.

What about Dan? Well, he's been bringin' home the bacon by going to work everyday. He's spent the weekends in July working on his thesis. He does the dishes nearly every night...and you know, just does a great job loving me and being my best friend.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

I like the cut! I noticed it looked different, even before I read what you wrote. Cute. :)

And what a nice drink station. Especially with the crosses on it. :)'s that photo tour of the home coming along? As well as campus and Tuscon?

Hope all is well down south!